So you are probably asking yourself why should we use these guys instead of Joe Bloggs, well there are a few reasons why you should choose us to build your website for you.

We have been doing computer related work in the Shoalhaven area for the last 30 years so we are not just setting up our business. Between John, Dana and Hanr we cover all the bases for creating the sites – Dana who is our copy writer was an English Teacher for over 30 years so you will never have to worry about spelling and punctuation making your site look tacky. John has over 30 years experience with all things computers from writing programs that are being used internationally, to fixing computers for people he has become known as the Computer Guru due to his knowledge of the industry. Hanr has been learning from John since she was old enough to sit at a computer and use one and has done graphic design at TAFE as well as all of the study she does for the website creation. As a team we are constantly looking for new and better ways to do things and spend the money to get the best assistance so that we are able to give our customers incredible customer service and also the range of choices that we offer our customers is incomparable, we spend the time and money so you don’t have too. So here is a breakdown of some of the things you get for your money when you choose to do your site: 

All of our sites come with SEO – Search Engine Optimisation included in the cost whether it is one of our under $1000 sites or our larger sites. This means that within a short period of time your sites end up showing high in the rankings of the search engines such as Google & Yahoo to name a few.

This is important as even the most remarkable website will not improve your business if it remains unseen. Ranking well in the search engines is of the most effective ways of making your website visible to your target audience.

How do search engines work? you might be asking yourself at this point in time. It is a great question to ask as the answer will have your site ranking on the first pages within only a few weeks of being online. One of the reasons it takes a couple of weeks is due to the sheer number of web sites on the internet. The search engines send out what are called bots or spiders to search for information contained on pages of your website, so this go’s without saying the more information you have on your site that contains the words people will be searching for to find your business the higher you will rank. This is where we can aid you with setting up your site. We have a copy writer on staff so that if writing is not your strong suit then it is ours. If you can give us the general information about your business then we can generally turn that into a page of information such as this one. 

Another option that helps to rate your site higher in the searches is to have links to other sites from your site and links to your site from other sites. We will automatically list all websites we create on our site as well as the site and any sites we create have links to our two sites on them so that gives you a starting point, other suggestions would be: If you were a builder who always worked with the same electricians and plumbers you could put links to their sites from yours and you could even charge them money for doing it which means that they can help to pay for your website as you are giving them advertising space or you could request that they put a link from their site to your site to balance it out. You can sell advertising space on your site to other companies preferably not your competitors but you can put adds on your site from other businesses, this would be easier to do though once you are already receiving a good ranking and therefore more traffic to your site which you can use as a selling point when selling the advertising space. 

You get state if the art security included in your website package. This means that your site is less likely to be hacked – to date none of our sites have ever been hacked and we also do regular backups so just in case something was to happen all we would have to do is reload your site back to it’s domain name after tightening security. All reasonable measures are taken at all times to ensure that a hack shouldn’t happen – there’s just no control over what people will do but there is a prevention which we enforce. Strong passwords, regular updates of the software, regular backups and all of this is included in your yearly hosting fee.                                                                                                           

You get a premium theme if you like one of the layouts we use or we can create a totally customisable site from scratch for you, this is where you need to decide how much money you would like to spend. With the theme you still get to choose what colours you use so that your branding is matched across your business. Premium themes normally cost around $80 each so if you were building your own and you didn’t pick the right them to start with it could end up being a costly endeavour. I know it took me several themes before I settled on the one I liked that had all the bits on it that I could modify that I wanted, and now I have custom designed our site, I was lucky as I had access to all the themes instead of having to spend $80 a time, like I’ve said before we spend the money to give you the choices to get the best site for your business. 

You get unlimited email addresses so that your staff members can all have personal email addresses if you like or you can set them up as this would be helpful if you had a high staff turnover or think it would be easier if your customers where emailing anyone in sales instead of just one person. These emails can be set up to be forwarded to any email address you may have already from your current internet service provider (ISP) but the beauty is that even if you change ISP’s then you still keep the email addresses. You can even keep the email addresses if for some reason you decided you no longer wanted a website any more and just pay to have your emails hosted with your domain name.