Questions and Answers.

Here are some common questions about Webweaving.


How much will my website cost?

There are two price points for a website:

Initial cost of setup and development of the site;

Website prices vary depending on the number of pages created and the amount of information to be presented. There is also a cost in providing suitable photos and graphic elements. Everything on the website takes time to create and every change from the original specification takes time. A simple website may be produced from as little as $500 and the costs for a large complex website can be in the thousands of dollars.

Webweaving will take time up front to ensure that you get the website that you need at a price point that is affordable. You will need to talk to a Webweaving representative about what you think you need and listen carefully to the advice that is given.

Ongoing costs for hosting and domain name registration;

Webweaving charge an ongoing hosting fee of $150 per year and that includes your standard domain name. We provide updates to the software supporting your site as well as site backup and security. We also provide statistics of how your site is performing.

What's my first step?

To get started on your new awesome website, you will need to contact Webweaving and have a talk about what you want to do.

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How much do I have to pay to get started?

Once a price is agreed, a 25% deposit is required. Webweaving will then commence the site and produce an outline of your final site. If this is acceptable then a further 25% is payable. Webweaving will then work with you to fill in the site and will ask for progress payments of 10%. The final 20% will be payable on acceptance of the website.

Mobile Devices

Do your websites work on mobile devices?

Webweaving sites will work on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Phone web browsers and display your information in an easily readable manner.

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